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Cape Town’s Popskarr Rides New Wave In Style

Cape Town’s Popskarr Rides New Wave In Style

Straddling The 80s and the Netherworld

By Halley Bondy
September 21, 2011

At first listen Popskarr’s simple new wave disco beats and candy, melancholy synth lines shove them into the sweet, harmless annals of INXS and Joy Division. But after hearing just milliseconds of tracks like “My Dreams” and “Tonight,” you’ll smell the nuance.

Popskarr’s songs are at once accessible pop treats and nebulous, unreachable blobs. Their vocals are distant, washed out, and slightly off-key, giving their singles and remixes a lo-fi basement Maria Minerva vibe. This is highly adulterated new wave — “Dirty wave,” maybe.

The Cape Town duo Yannick Ilunga and Terrence Pearce were introduced by none other than Spoek Mathambo, who appears on their 8bit single “The Light.” Right now Popskarr is beefing up their tracklist and general online presence — all while Yannick (the singer/guitarist) stays busy in an even more warped side project,Petite Noir.

Watch Popskarr’s debut video for the single “Tonight,” featuring some blurry Cape Town haunts.

POPSKARR – Tonight from Popskarr on Vimeo.

Photo Courtesy of Popskarr

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