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Eerie Blips From The Suicide Of Western Culture

Eerie Blips From The Suicide Of Western Culture

By Halley Bondy
September 28, 2011

When a band has a name like The Suicide of Western Culture, and tracks like “This Is The Last Time I Shake Your Hand,” “Children Shouldn’t Been Playing Beside the Railways” [sic], and “A Forest of Greyhounds Hanged,” it’s sure easy to hit your wordcount!

The quirky Barcelona duo only seems like a crotchety black metal band — or at least, hoodie-donning catburglars — but in fact they’re a couple of nice guys tinkering with eerie, lo-fi electronics.  Their eponymous debut album earned them a shared stage with their closest, most famous soundalikes, Animal Collective.

Unlike their Maryland brethren, however, Suicide doesn’t use any lyrics. Their entire 9-track debut and subsequent remix CD is silent on the human front, leaving only the droning nethers of crunchy, basement electropop. Drawing inspiration from the likes of  God Speed You Black Emperor and Mogwai, their debut album is packed with otherworldly, distorted long notes underscoring sci-fi blips and tense, analog beats. It’s as if they’re beaming into an old ham radio — and warning the masses of UFOs.

The video for their organ-heavy, less wordy track “The Italian Chapel” proves my point. The camera pans quickly through a landscape, but rows of lights  (often appearing as mysterious orbs) are always clouding your view.

The Italian Chapel from Suicide of Western Culture on Vimeo.

Photo Courtesy of The Suicide of Western Culture

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