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Little Punk Is Big Time Alright

Little Punk Is Big Time Alright

Boredom is fun again

By Beverly Bryan
September 27, 2011

Shanghai loves her energetic performances with her band, but she’s getting a fair amount of attention for her solo work as Little Punk. She released the album Hey guy, you are big time alright in last year, to good reviews and strong interest. She’s even been called “China’s answer to SoKo.”

Andy Best who runs Qu Records collaborated with her on the album. It’s animated by his lo-fi (and low chord count) guitar playing and her blowsy, disaffected vocals that often split the difference between Nico and Lou Reed. It’s so stripped down and immediate, that they sound like they threw everything out and invented punk over again.

The name Little Punk is somewhat tongue in cheek, but it fits so well because of the way Huang makes boredom — perhaps the most quintessential of punk rock subjects — into her muse. As Little Punk, she always sounds and looks bored as she sings about coming to terms with boredom. Ennui fairly oozes out of her. She’s like the poet laureate of some eternal detention.

You’d think this would be, well, boring, but it isn’t. Her straight face makes grumpy, spaced-out songs like “Boy on the Way to Hell” and “I’m Not in the Mood for Making a Song” funnier and weirder. And, of course, funny, weird things actually relieve boredom. (See the Internet.) It helps that she curses a lot and says things we can’t repeat here too. For some reason, it’s always exciting when someone sounds like they really don’t care. And she really sounds like she doesn’t care. Huang has a lot of projects, but we wouldn’t mind hearing a little more of Little Punk.

Photo courtesy of Little Punk/Credit Ren Hang

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