Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
MTV Iggy Presents Birkii
Paris, France


If the pretty young things in Parisian fashion blogs like Garance Doré wrote songs, they would be like this: synth-y lullabies full of heart-bursting sincerity, plus that French je ne sais quoi. That is, they would sound like Birkii, the latest and greatest of the ingenue chanteuses á la française. But more Breakbot than Edith Piaf, this former conservatory student was recently chosen by fashionista music label Kitsuné for their Paris compilation. Her single “Shade of Doubt” is both old and young, sweet and a little bitter. And the video features Birkii, a gamine brunette, romancing a cardboard cutout of a cowboy Paul Newman. It’s strangely happy-sad — kind of like Birkii.

Singer-songwritery electropop, melancholy melodies with edge. A sweet voice floats over late ’80s rhythms.