Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
MTV Iggy Presents Slutterhouse
Beirut, Lebanon


First appeared on IGGY: July 08, 2011

The noirish, glittering tracks on Beirut duo Slutterhouse’s 2009 debut album Made in Dance are a study in cooled-out yet club friendly electropop executed with convincing rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Made in Dance exhibits a mastery of the mid-tempo that makes it really versatile. You can listen to “Drummer Girl” while getting ready, relax at the after party to “Her Face,” and dance all night to their epic calling card “Inside the Station.”

It’s the refinement of Slutterhouse’s sound that has garnered the band international attention and tour dates, but the contrasting personalities behind the pumping bass and philosophical lyrics have been drawing some attention as well. Saliba would prefer to stay in the background — so much so that he sometimes turns up M.I.A. for live shows. Salloum, on the other hand, seems happy to soak up all any limelight Saliba doesn’t want. He seems to divide his time evenly between scandalizing Beirut and terrorizing Paris. We’ve heard hair-raising stories about nude concert posters and late-night quarrels with The Libertines.




What We Like About The Artist:

Innovative Middle East electropop, two giant personalities -- what more do you want?