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Artist of the Week: VOTE for Your Favorite!

Artist of the Week: VOTE for Your Favorite!

By Liz Tsygan | November 18, 2011

Your weekend just got awesomer. That’s right…it’s time to choose MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week !

This is a round-up of five of the best global bands we found this week. You have until Monday night at 11:59 p.m. USA Eastern Standard Time to vote for your favorite new artist on MTV Iggy, using the bottom poll!

On Tuesday morning, the band with the most votes will be featured on the MTV Iggy homepage marquee along with a tell-all interview.

Good luck!

Sea Lions

Photo Courtesy of Slumberland Records

From sunny Oxnard, California comes the jangly, fractious sounds of Sea Lions. Their use of toy instruments, innocent lyrics, and post-punk riffs call up C86-era indie pop and the early days of K Records’s twee reign, but there’s a decidedly beachy twist to their tender tunes. they execute most songs with to much verve and nervous energy for it to be purely indie pop. Even on the album they rush through the songs like summer vacation will starts they’re done. Think of it as indie pop for falling off your skateboard repeatedly until you get bored and go find yourself a chili dog.


Photo Courtesy of Zaz

A listen to the French-sung “gypsy jazz” of Isabelle Geffroy, better known as Zaz, reveals smoky-voiced chanteuse whose fanciful blend of jazz-pop includes plenty of Piaf, French variety, folk, blues, and soul. Her ebullient gypsy jazz wanders from chanson-like ballads to jazz to folk to pop to big band throughout the nine-track release, with Zaz’s husky vocals taking chameleonic strides in front of a lush backdrop of acoustic instrumentation.

Agent Fresco

Photo Credit: Nitin Vadukul/ Photo Courtesy of Agent Fresco

Somewhere between the prevalent metal and chilly electronics from the Nordic countries and Scandinavia lies Agent Fresco, by and large one of the best bands to come out of Iceland. The foursome first entered the Iceland music landscape with “Eyes of a Cloud Catcher,” a lilting, jazzy indie rock tune topped by Arnór Dan Arnarson’s swooping Morrisey voice. Suddenly, the whole track descends into assaulting blast beats and hardcore. The mechanics and rhythmic patterns are stuttering and unpredictable — yet seamlessly stitched together into a stunning composition: a less confrontational, more internal At The Drive In.


Photo Courtesy of Popstrangers

Yet another representative of the diversity in New Zealand’s burgeoning music scene, Popstrangers are definitely worth getting to know. Like Pac Nor legends Wipers and, yes, Nirvana too, these Auckland boys like their jams dark and dissonant, yet melodic and memorable. But, thankfully, it’s not all blurry American bludgeoning either. Popstrangers can get quite loud but even their fattest bullroarers feature the articulate bass lines and musical perversity of British post-punk bands like Wire and Gang of Four. On the EP they take everything all the great aforementioned bands gave usA and then give us twice as much of it twice as loud.


Photo Courtesy of Wado

An crew of raven-haired music nerds are steering Brazil towards a quirky, indoor-voiced vision of the tropical future, and repping the Northeastern beach city of Maceio comes the hirsute Wado. In “Com a Ponta dos Dedos” (“With Your Fingertips”) the best track off his latest album Samba 808, the delicious poppiness of indie combines with frenetic beats that imitate live percussion, except when they reverb, 808-like, into white noise. The final effect is Tropicalia on low volume, like a friend who asks for permission to come over instead of breaking down your door. And in today’s turbulent times, couldn’t we all use a little bit more civility? And fun in the sun?

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