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Artist of the Week: VOTE for Your Favorite

Artist of the Week: VOTE for Your Favorite

By Liz Tsygan | December 2, 2011

Your weekend just got awesomer. That’s right…it’s time to choose MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week !

This is a round-up of five of the best global bands we found this week. You have until Monday night at 11:59 p.m. USA Eastern Standard Time to vote for your favorite new artist on MTV Iggy, using the bottom poll!

On Tuesday morning, the band with the most votes will be featured on the MTV Iggy homepage marquee along with a tell-all interview.

Good luck!

Remember Remember

Photo Courtesy of Remember Rememeber

Scottish instrumental indie band Remember Remember started with Graeme Ronald as an unconventional one man band. The Glaswegian musician used traditional instruments, a variety of wind-up toys, and all manner of found instruments, filtering the resulting music though his collection of effects and loop pedals. Remember Remember’s recordings seem like the soundtracks to films about long ago and far away, but the stories they tell are almost too delicate to commit to something as coarse as celluloid. You might think it wiser to leave them in the incorporeal world of imagination.


Photo Courtesy of Sargent House

Boris fans have to put up with a lot. Emerging from Japan’s insular hardcore punk scene in the early ’90s, the experimental power trio has developed a protean body of heavy music over twenty years, 17 albums, and countless EPs. They had to put out Attention Please, a hooky bundle of love somewhere between J-pop and My Bloody Valentine. Then they went and posed straight-faced for a bunch of fussy press photos that made them look like a mainstream J-rock band. That’s right, our heroes went pop.

Las Acevedo

Photo Courtesy of Las Acevedo

Fertile dembow, hip-hop and rock worlds thrive in small nation of 11 million, and a budding scene of alt music–that includes songwriters Alex Ferreira and Juango Davalos and a charming little orchid of folk-pop called Las Acevedo grows. From their fedoras right down to their Keds, Las Acevedo are sartorially in step with their indie/hipster counterparts all over the world. The group’s ‘indiemusic-making twin-ness’ has garnered them comparisons to Canadian rockers Tegan and Sara, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Save for the occasional edgy, undulating foray into post-punk, the sisters from Santiago trade in “picnic-pop” that has more in common with lo-fi duo Jovenes Y Sexys and the early work of twee alt-pop chanteuse Natalia LaFourcade.


Photo Courtesy of AY

Hearing Tanzanian AY’s acoustic “I Don’t Want To Be Alone” reminded me of the first time I heard “Dead and Gone” a million years ago, when the hook took a surprising key change dip that nestled into my stomach, prompting me to say, “Wow, I am feeling things!!” Luckily the English/Swahili track “I Don’t Want to Be Alone” feat. harmonizing Kenyan neo-soul group Sauti Sol will probably not be overplayed in every pharmacy on the planet — but it deserves a serious mainstream nod. Akon has already dubbed AY the next rapper from Africa to cross over. Digging deeper into the MC behind the track, AY is a serious heavyweight in the Tanzanian hip hop scene — known as ‘bongo flava’ music.

Zero Plastica

Photo Credit: Veronica Onofri

It’s been a bad year for the world economy, but a good one for Italy’s socially-conscious rappers Zero Plastica. The political shakeups caused by the deteriorating Euro are finally bringing to light some of the things that these Genoans, who work with local youth communities in addition to putting out countless mixtapes, have been telling Italian society for over a decade. Way before Occupy Wall Street, Zero Plastica’s DJ Nio, Lure, and Goman have been articulating the struggles of the 99 percent. In Italy, this large group ranges from young urban ragamuffins without economic prospects, communities victimized by the dominance of organized crime, and Middle Eastern immigrants who suffer from racism and xenophobia — Zero Plastica’s lyrics, spit over funk and dancehall tinged beats, speaks for them all. In April’s album Basta, they’ve upped their game, announcing that in the face of political turmoil, the youth of Italy have a voice.

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