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The Naked & Famous — Passive Me, Aggressive You

The Naked & Famous

Passive Me, Aggressive You

[Universal Music Ltd; 09/06/2010]

By toksala

March 9, 2011

Naked & Famous' Passive Me, Aggressive You Is a Kiwi Delight

It’s a huge relief that the New Zealand quintet behind “Young Blood” produce quality, versatile work across the board. We the global blogosphere invested a lot of hope in them, so we’re glad to know that it’s been worth it. Thanks, dudes.

The group — who we interviewed recently  — rose to the most famous spot in New Zealand when the MGMT-y synthpop single “Young Blood” topped YouTube charts. Turns out, their whole debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You (out March 15 in the US) lives up to the drippingly beautiful indie sample. There’s also a wider range of sounds to choose from, other than the synthpop hipster fare.

Okay, for the most part, you’re getting a potential epic hipster synthpop hit with every track, especially when Alisa Xayalith takes the mic. “Punching in a Dream” and “Jilted Lovers” are two of those chill-inducing indie experiences that infuse a wild nostalgia — and for what, you’re not sure. Frankly, the epic-ness is lost when Alisa leaves the mic to the air-voiced Thom Powers. Sorry — he doesn’t have that yearning blustery scream.

But the band is also showing off strokes from their pop punk Yeah Yeah Yeahs-inspired days, making them sound like a different band altogether at times. “No Way” has some washed out garage influence, while “Wolf in Geeks Clothing” is an angry one that takes feedback-laden grunge cues from Kurt himself.

But overall, every track is more emotional and dead-serious than the last, and there’s not a song on here you can hate. Unless you just had a crappy breakup, in which case, steer clear. Seriously.

Photo Credit:Dove Shore

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